vrijdag 20 juni 2008

Vergelijkende studie over e-Journal Archiving Solutions van JISC

Deze maand is er een interessante studie van het Britse Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) uitgekomen op het gebied van repositories/e-depots in een wetenschappelijke/bibliothecaire omgeving.

Een paar citaten uit de inleiding en samenvatting:
This report is the result of a call by the JISC, issued in January 2008, for a Comparative Study of e-Journal Archiving Solutions. The report has been created by reviewing existing published work in this area, by consulting with key players including existing service providers, and by holding a one day workshop at the University of Manchester on 14th April.

Although there are many obvious benefits that accrue from publishing and accessing academic papers through the internet, there are costs and challenges associated with long term preservation and access which urgently need to be addressed. Finding solutions to these is the shared responsibility of all in the information chain, including authors, publishers, repository managers, librarians, subscription agents and aggregators.
En deze is heel interessant:
E-journal archiving solutions must demonstrate sound financial and organisational sustainability and technical insight and expertise, in order to earn the trust of, and acceptance by, librarians and the majority of academic publishers.
Dat lijkt erg op een uitgangspunt voor E-Depots, zoals ED3 dat stelt in, met name, de onderdelen A1, A2, A4 en C1.

Lees meer hierover op de blog van één van de schrijvers van de studie.

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